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The Japanese Art of Growing the Indoor Bonsai Tree

Growing the indoor bonsai tree is actually the Japanese art form of cultivating miniature trees. These trees are very similar to their larger counterparts with the exception that they are grown in pots and the constant pruning does not allow them to reach full size, making it an indoor bonsai tree. The art of growing [Continue]

Exotic Bonsai Choices

Are you looking for something more adventurous in the art of bonsai gardening? If so, you need not stick with the more traditional coniferous, deciduous or occasional fruit trees as the only items in your collection. Your choices can range to the more exotic varieties which will help expand your skills. An example of an [Continue]

Bonsai Soil – A Small Plant's Huge Need

Think of bonsai plants and trees and how cute they would look in your little garden or even inside your home. Now think of the many months, sometimes even years, that a gardener must spend in taking care of these beauties. 'Still interested to continue? First you need to make a choice: would you buy [Continue]

5 Top Indoor Bonsai Care Tips

Indoor bonsai care can be quite a difficult process to say the least. Without proper care and attention bonsai trees are sooner to dying which is a rather inconvenient for the drawer and the tree itself. Many people have different views on the proper way to care for bonsai trees and today I am going [Continue]

Learn Gardenia Bonsai Growing Tips

Gardenia is a shrub which is a genus of around 250 flowering plants. They are mostly found in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world. They are evergreen in nature and have naturally small leaves, which make them a suitable for being grown as a bonsai tree. They bear bright white flowers during [Continue]

Spider Mites And Your Bonsai Tree

If you notice a fine webbing between your bonsai plant leaves you may have spider mites. Outdoor bonsai such as Juniper are more susceptible to this than indoor bonsai. Spider mites can be seen with the naked eye. Inspect the web to see if you see movement. They will look like very tiny spiders or [Continue]

Basic Bonsai Tools For Beginners

It is not necessary to run right out and purchase every tool known to man in the Bonsai world. However, there are a few Bonsai tools that are necessary to grow, prune, and shape your Bonsai trees. Wire Cutters The wire cutter is one of the basic items in your arsenal for tree shaping. Its [Continue]

Chinese Figurines of Shiwan – The Ceramic Capital in China

Shiwan is the famous ceramic capital in China, well-known for its beautiful ceramic figurines. While many fans of Shiwan figurines are bonsai lovers who like to decorate their favorite bonsai trees with Shiwan bonsai figurines, others simply love Shiwan ceramic figurine, admire the fine details of the vivid handcrafted figurines made by the ceramic figurine [Continue]

How to Prune a Bonsai Tree

When pruning a bonsai tree, you are removing branches that cause it to look cluttered. This makes the tree look out of shape and faded its style. In order to keep the shape of your bonsai tree, it must be pruned. Pruning also helps the tree to grow properly. There are certain times when your [Continue]

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