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The Japanese Art of Growing the Indoor Bonsai Tree

Growing the indoor bonsai tree is actually the Japanese art form of cultivating miniature trees. These trees are very similar to their larger counterparts with the exception that they are grown in pots and the constant pruning does not allow them to reach full size, making it an indoor bonsai tree. The art of growing [Continue]

Exotic Bonsai Choices

Are you looking for something more adventurous in the art of bonsai gardening? If so, you need not stick with the more traditional coniferous, deciduous or occasional fruit trees as the only items in your collection. Your choices can range to the more exotic varieties which will help expand your skills. An example of an [Continue]

Bonsai Soil – A Small Plant's Huge Need

Think of bonsai plants and trees and how cute they would look in your little garden or even inside your home. Now think of the many months, sometimes even years, that a gardener must spend in taking care of these beauties. 'Still interested to continue? First you need to make a choice: would you buy [Continue]

5 Top Indoor Bonsai Care Tips

Indoor bonsai care can be quite a difficult process to say the least. Without proper care and attention bonsai trees are sooner to dying which is a rather inconvenient for the drawer and the tree itself. Many people have different views on the proper way to care for bonsai trees and today I am going [Continue]

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