Bonsai Soil – A Small Plant's Huge Need

Think of bonsai plants and trees and how cute they would look in your little garden or even inside your home. Now think of the many months, sometimes even years, that a gardener must spend in taking care of these beauties. 'Still interested to continue? First you need to make a choice: would you buy your soil or would you mix your own?

Remember that bonsais are confined in small containers and as such, should have the best type of soil that would anchor it to its growth. The quality of the soil that is used will directly affect the health of the plant.

When the type of soil that should be used in planting bonsai seeds is discussed, there is always varying opinions on which one is best. Gardening experts all agree on certain aspects, though. That is what we will discuss in this article.

Bonsai soil should not be compact: examples are gravel, loose sand, fire plays such as cat litter, or expanded shale. In Japan, soils that come from volcanoes are preferably used because they are loose and contain minerals that are essential to a plant's growth.

Bonsai soil should be the type that optimizes water drainage. On the other hand, although it requires that proper drainage is maximized, it should also be able to retain sufficient water that will sustain the plant. Be very careful in balancing these two requirements. Your choice could lead to a compact type of soil that will lead to unhealthy roots, which might lead to rotting.

Another requirement is for the soil to provide aeration. It should have particle-air pockets. If the soil provides aeration, it provides sufficient oxygen for your plant.

These are just general guidelines in choosing the materials that you are going to use as a bonsai soil. There are certain bonsais that require less water and there are some that need more. Be sure to do a thorough research of the type of bonsai that you would like to plant before purchasing any soil.

Although ready-mixed soils are being sold on the market, together with other bonsai essentials, it is still wise to know what specific soil your 'baby' bonsai will benefit from the most. Knowing the components of a good bonsai soil has been discussed and this should guide you in your quest for bonsai planting.

But a word of advice, there is no perfect soil for any type of bonsai as there is no perfect gardener. Mix or buy soil, it does not matter. A good type of soil plus your love would equal to a well-cared for bonsai!

Source by Russ Egan

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