Bonsai Pots

As we all know growing up a bonsai is an art, the focus is not only the main product in this case plant but also the surrounding which makes the central thing look even better. You should remember that pot is not only a frame of a bonsai it is part of the whole thing.

There are many types of bonsai pots. The most usual ones are ceramic bonsai pots and mica bonsai pots, they can be found in many shapes: rectangular, oval, rounded, octagon, dished and probably the best looking separated water-land pot. The best pots are all hand made and are made by the ancient Chinese standards. When you are choosing the right color for your pot you should also be aware of the fact that the color of leafs changes and so does the visual connection between pot and the tree.

So what looks good in summer months may not look appealing in winter months. Usual width or diameter of a pot should be similar to the area that is taken by the branches. This does not totally apply to water-land pots where pots should be wider. Water-land pots are the most unusual but probably the best looking ones. These pots are divided in the middle and on the one side filled with soil and on the other with water.

The good thing besides looking really good is that water part of the pot will provide extra humidity which can be really good for some species, not so much for the others. You should also always be careful when you are supplying water, because if water part of the pot is overfilled it may spill to soil, causing it to be wet, which may also not be good for a bonsai.

Source by Luka Ce

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